The impossible missions are the only ones that succeed.

Jacques -Yves Cousteau

A group of professionals from different disciplines with a common passion, the oceans, leads to the project The Must of The Sea.

We have left behind our daily routines for a while and we have gotten involved in this adventure. Our aim is to show the amazing beauty, richness and diversity of a world located within this planet.

This is for you: professional or amateur diver; for you, knowledge lover and insatiable curious; and for you also, who maintain a firm commitment for the environmental protection; for you, that can relate the experienced adventures. For you, that can boast of the trips lived on board of the most powerful engine: your imagination…

We want to encourage your curiosity so we will submit the proposals one by one. We invite you to follow us and keep yourself informed about our project:




the must of the sea virtual reality technology

Always at the vanguard of technology, in the engineering department of the I Love The Sea project we identify, analyse and test the best recording devices and existing components at any moment in the market, and we adapt them specifically to our watertight boxes. This is the reason why we are always in continuous development, so the investment in R&D is one of the key points in the company. In I Love the Sea, every time that the watertight boxes for recording VR contents evolve, we put in practice our experience in designing and building these boxes, in order to obtain great images regarding quality and realism.